As Director of AEWG, my Local Health and Safety policy supports the vision of AEWG Corporate Safety Policy. My responsibility, through logical and delegated chains of management and supervision, is to ensure that we manage our risks by having robust safety management systems and policies. I give my commitment to promoting a positive safety culture amongst all our staff and will ensure that Safety is always given our number one priority. 

This means that in conducting our business we assess health and safety hazards and risks and reduce them to a practicable minimum. We have an organization structure that aligns to the business and we plan all our work using proven processes. We strongly believe that all the requirements for successful health and safety management are also requirements for a successful business.  "We" means every person who work for Alma EWG in Kazakhstan

As part of our everyday business:

We strive to systematically comply with all relevant Republic of Kazakhstan Regulations and safety legislation:

  • Complying with RoK legislation is an absolute requirement;
  • We welcome the involvement of the client and external audit bodies;
  • We actively involve staff to have a positive safety culture and adopt safe working practices;

We ensure that all our activities are carried out safely:

  • We ensure, as far as we reasonably can, the safety and well-being of staff, visitors, contractors and the public;
  • In conjunction with our ‘clients’ We provide safe and healthy working conditions, safe plant and premises, and safe systems of work;
  • We use safety rules and safety documents for particular activities;
  • We strive for high standards of occupational health, hygiene and catering standards;
  • We ensure the highest standards of Industrial Safety, Facilities Maintenance and Project Management throughout the scope of our operations;

We assess safety hazards and risks and reduce them to a practicable minimum:

  • We do this as an integral part of the planning and implementation of all work;
  • We evaluate the need for, and use, personal protective equipment, but only after striving to eliminate hazards through engineering and administrative controls;
  • We strive to avoid personal injury and property damage;
  • We have contingency plans to address particular safety risks, including medical, fire, chemical and evacuation;

 We increase safety awareness amongst all our people:

  • We carry out activities and use equipment in accordance with training and instructions;
  • We encourage a proactive attitude to safety;
  • We stress a cautious self-checking approach;
  • We tell our supervisors if we are unsure about any safety matter affecting our work;

 We strive for continual improvements in safety performance:

  • We report incidents and near misses, systematically investigate them, implement action and learn the lessons;
  • We actively seek out best international practices and try to replicate them;
  • We use our Business Plan to prioritise important Safety Enhancement Objectives;
  • We adopt a no blame culture to encourage a robust and open reporting system:
  • We actively apply ‘Stop Work Authority’ allowing any employee or individual involved with our business to proactively stop unsafe work activities, without penalty or criticism.

This is both a declaration of management commitment, and a set of mutual management and employee expectations and responsibilities.

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