As Director for AEWG, I am committed to ensuring that all our operations are conducted and maintained in an environmentally sustainable and responsible manner. Through logical and delegated systems, processes, Management and Supervision, We shall identify and where practicable eliminate all aspects of our operations that either pollute or in any way degrade the surrounding environment.

We will ensure that all regulatory RoK regulatory requirements are met and where possible exceeded.

To ensure AEWG achieves its objectives we shall:

  • Empower all employees with an understanding of environmental issues and procedures;
  • Manage the transport, storage and use of chemicals and fuels so as to minimize the effects on the environment;
  • Maximise where reasonably practicable the Reduction, Re-use and Recycling of materials;
  • Dispose of all waste materials in an environmentally safe manner so as to minimize the effects and impacts on the environment;
  • Investigate all environmental incidents and develop and implement corrective actions to prevent re-occurrence;
  • Conduct scheduled environmental audits to confirm compliance with the environmental management system (EMS);
  • Conduct our business consistent with Clients environmental policy and EMS;
  • Provide environmental expertise as required;

What we expect of our employees and contractors:

  • Comply with all environmental procedures and systems of work;
  • Report all known environmental hazards;
  • Actively support the company’s environment program, and be involved in implementing and improving the system;

This is both a declaration of management commitment, and a set of mutual management and employee expectations and responsibilities.

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